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Nightstar is the daughter of Dick Grayson and Princess Koriand'r from Kingdom Come.

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Hello followers~ andanyoneelsewhoseesthis


You’re amazing, thank you for even noticing I exist. Now I’m bad with this whole making first contact thing, so if you want to actually, I don’t know, plot with me or something…. let’s do what I see other people doing and hopefully I don’t look like a loser. Send me this….

► <— if you want me to make a starter

☺ <— if you want our characters to be friends.

♥  <— if you want to explore a romantic relationship with my character 

♠  <— if you want to explore a negative relationship. Enemies, rivalry, they get into some sort of a fight… 

♣ <— if you’re just looking for something casual and silly. A non-serious roleplay

æ<— if you want me to write a drabble about our characters (feel free to send some sort of prompt otherwise I’ll just do whatever comes to mind) 

Yeah, I guess that’s good for now. 

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